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Versiyon 2.6.5 Beta
MonsterMMORPG F2P Indie Pokemon Style 2000+ Monster Game 14 August 2015 update change logs V 2.6.5 Beta

✓ AttackDex oyuna eklendi
✓ Şu anda herhangi bir filtreleme veya sayfalama olmadığı için tüm saldırılar tek sayfada gösteriliyor buda bilgisayarınızı zorlayabilir dikkatli olun Smile
✓ Link : https://www.monstermmorpg.com/AttackDex (MonsterDex menu butonunun altında var)

✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

✓ Fixed major bug at PvP battles. No more crashes should happen anymore
✓ PvP battles action time increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds
✓ Due to this fix some changes made at item usage system. If you encounter any weirdness please let us know immediately at item usage especially in battle

✓ Now all Monsters in that map will get equal boost from escape counters : https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-W...e-counters

✓ Several moves that uses these mechanics fixed (e.g. uses enemy Defense instead of SpDefense, or uses Attack instead of SpAttack)

✓ New art designer title [AT] added to the game. If we are using your Monsters in our game and you play the game, please pm me your username so i will give you this new special title

✓ Huge new feature daily reward system added to the game: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-D...rds-System

✓ Tax ratios updated: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-Tax-system

✓ Mass never played or spam account wipe happened (lesser than 20 battles and 20 Monsters and 200k gold and inactive over 1 month and have no Monsters bigger than 89 level) (if satisfies all)
✓ Because of mass wipe now everyone can change their username for 1 time

✓ Menu bar of the game updated to much better version. Also top banner is now shorter so more playable area is visible

✓ We are replacing all of the very old buttons in the game slowly improving game quality

✓ Confirmation dialog to buy Monster from bazaar added to the game

✓ Change gender feature added to the game: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-H...f-Monsters

✓ Manual badge reset system added to the game: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-M...set-system

✓ Monster escape system updated:  ☑  https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-M...ape-System

✓ Game shortcuts updated: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-G...eys-HotKey

✓ Some of the Monster images horizontal flipped so in battle now each Monster will face each other like a real fight. If you see incorrectly aligned Monster let us know.

✓ Following Monster types, move sets, transformation requirements and images updated

[Resim: 317-Cryptise.png]  [Resim: 318-Cremortus.png]  [Resim: 319-Duscron.png]  [Resim: 422-Fistail.png]  [Resim: 423-Uscail.png]  [Resim: 424-Asurail.png]  [Resim: 442-Tobeno.png]  [Resim: 443-Puremu.png]  [Resim: 444-Gilail.png]  [Resim: 445-Repterror.png]  [Resim: 446-Monsterror.png]  [Resim: 535-Debrug.png]  [Resim: 536-Crisacid.png]  [Resim: 537-Mothellian.png]  [Resim: 551-Platypake.png]  [Resim: 552-Ornitox.png]  [Resim: 605-Bluether.png]  [Resim: 606-Arazon.png]  [Resim: 607-Macori.png]  [Resim: 642-Colaochiora.png]  [Resim: 643-Culann.png]  [Resim: 644-Cuchulainn.png]  [Resim: 689-Crolig.png]  [Resim: 690-Accoligon.png]  [Resim: 798-Octumbo.png]  [Resim: 799-Vamplu.png]  [Resim: 807-Oryss.png]  [Resim: 808-Ryxeed.png]  [Resim: 809-Xoltloud.png]  [Resim: 821-Esquimb.png]  [Resim: 822-Musquirrel.png]  [Resim: 835-Mianari.png]  [Resim: 836-Surinari.png]  [Resim: 1149-Spooklay.png]  [Resim: 1150-Phanturn.png]  [Resim: 1336-Geemon.png]  [Resim: 1337-Gerexo.png]  [Resim: 1356-Corpsicle.png]  [Resim: 1757-Prideauty.png]

✓ Game security system changed. Please read this thread: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-C...-reCAPTCHA
✓ If you use any ad blocker or such plugin reCAPTCHA is more likely to not work

✓ Top trainers ranking system updated please read this thread: ☑ https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-H...nformation
  • From now on, only last 7 days active players will be ranked
  • So at the very least you have to be online and made a single movement on the map in the last 7 days to get ranked
  • All inactive over 7 days players will get 0 points
✓ Manage reward monsters page added to the game
✓ So now you can change nature of your reward monsters and your starter monsters natures from this page any time you want unlimited times
✓ You can access that page from here : https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ManageRewardMonsters.aspx
✓ It is located under profile tab
✓ If you had ability change reward as well, now you can modify abilities too as many times as you want from there

✓ Now after each battle win, your monster's stats will be modified according to newest TP points
✓ Previously you had to level up or put storage take back etc

✓ Entire MonsterDex as a single image uploaded to deviantart

✓ Click below image to see full size at the deviantart

[Resim: 800_by_monstermmorpg-d96409n.png]

✓ New MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : ☑ https://apps.facebook.com/pokemon_mmo/

✓ All unfinished battles got wiped for performance boost
✓ PvP Battle Board and requests history deleted because of unfinished battles wipe

✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps re-assigned

✓ New giveaway and other events continue at Facebook follow Facebook page: ☑ https://www.facebook.com/MonsterMMORPG

✓ Event started until 5 September 2015
✓ During event EXP and Gold boost is 100%
✓ During event 1 starter monsters catchable at certain maps

✓ Available Starters:

✓ #59 - Zogre
[Resim: 59-Zogre.png]

✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
☑ MonsterMMORPG Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/MonsterMMORPG
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MonsterMMORPG
☑ MonsterMMORPG Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+MonsterMMORPG/posts
☑ MonsterMMORPG Twitter : https://twitter.com/MonsterMMORPG
☑ MonsterMMORPG Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/monster-mmorpg
☑ MonsterMMORPG DeviantArt : https://monstermmorpg.deviantart.com
☑ MonsterMMORPG Android APP : https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...emon&hl=en
☑ MonsterMMORPG Facebook APP : https://www.facebook.com/games/pokemonplay/?fbs=106

☑ The following monsters added to the game

[Resim: 2013-Nocrome.png] [Resim: 2014-Geckno.png] [Resim: 2015-Geckelic.png] [Resim: 2016-Strenigtity.png] [Resim: 2017-Wisdomanty.png] [Resim: 2018-Unitypix.png] [Resim: 2019-Knologony.png] [Resim: 10015-Giga-Zonench.png]

Monster MMORPG V 2.6.5 update news source
anlamadığınız kısımları sorun
✓ AttackDex oyuna eklendi
✓ Şu anda herhangi bir filtreleme veya sayfalama olmadığı için tüm saldırılar tek sayfada gösteriliyor buda bilgisayarınızı zorlayabilir dikkatli olun Smile
✓ Link : https://www.monstermmorpg.com/AttackDex (MonsterDex menu butonunun altında var)

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